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  1. Yes Carbs are synced . Running 20:1 for break in. New plugs new Noss head
  2. I’m in the break in process. Left cylinder is at 153 F and left @ 135. Is this fine or normal?
  3. How did you make out with the repair. I’m experiencing the same issue
  4. I have a stock cylinder aggressive trail dune port. 18cc domes /I think compression is 180 /33mm carbs with pods / vf3
  5. I currently run procurcuits. I have heard snipers were the way to go a few years ago Over shears. Now I can’t seem to find them does anyone know why. I see CPI or SLP are they equivalent . Any input. Frill be helpful
  6. Doing my top end. Any recommendations on where to get pistons etc ?
  7. Exhaust clamps still available??
  8. broke down the motor and there it was stuck piston rings ,head was clogged solid from the anti freeze . I will try to post pics its un real. I have the pistons soaking in orange citrus cleaner hopefully it softens the carbon enough to release the rings.
  9. Yes the bottom ring on both cylinders are stuck. Trying or more like hoping I. An get them to free up with some type of chemical. If not guess the top end will be coming off.
  10. I ran ampsoil and vp 110. what is seafoam ? does auto zone carry it?
  11. I have been having trouble getting my banshee to start after it has sat in my garage for two years. everything is clean and clear still wouldn't start. I then did a compression test and had some really off readings. my banshees compression was a healthy 160 when I put it away two years ago . last night it showed me 90 in the left and 65 in the right which I have learned the piston rings are most likely stuck. has anyone tackled tis issue w/o breaking down the motor??? any ideas or advice?
  12. ok I put gas in the carbs and sprayed gas in with a squirt bottle nothing? if the cdi is bad or unplugged would I still get spark ? just wondering what would prevent it from starting . it obviously isn't a fuel problem now that I sprayed gas inside the carbs. if the kill switch was bad there would be no spark right?
  13. Carbs are 101% clean and clear . Tried carb cleaner to maybe get a little life but it was a fail. I did not try to poor gas in the carbs.
  14. banshee hasn't run in two years but is garage kept. I cleaned the carbs,new plugs ,checked for spark ,new gas, cleared fuel lines , kick it and nothing at all no sign of life at all. I have compression in both cylinders, took a light and looked through the spark plug holes and the exhaust ports and looks clean.. I need a fresh opinion. my next step is to swap cdi but I do have strong spark.
  15. just took off a set of pc's and put a set of r2's. anyone make a similar swap and have info. i didnt take the r2's for a ripp yet but i am curious.
  16. I think I was rich on the pioet after riding it twice. So I dropped one size no idle hanging ran the bike on the existing plugs wide open 5th cut it off pulled the plug it was black around the threads and dark brown on everything else. Any pics or input.
  17. I took these cylinders for a blip and raced them against my shee and they are real strong. Power all the way trough inever had to down shift to get back in the power band. Def worth the money for just bolt up and go.
  18. ok price reduction and adding the carrier 375 shipped with carrier.
  19. Any pics ????? Is there any discoloring anywhere?????
  20. this is a -2 stellar swingarm 450 shipped. no carrier
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