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    2000 Banshee MX/Trail Port by HI-TECH Horsepower Wiseco Pro Lites .010 Trued & Welded OEM Crank 28mm PWK's Pro Design Cool Head w/ 19cc domes Pro Design Impeller Pro Design Timing Plate @ +3 Pro Design Power Shifter Pro Circuit Platinum Exhaust Carbon Tech LT Reeds Boss Pancake Bearing Hinson Basket Durablue +2/+4 Shift Star Mod Chrome Magnum +2/+1 A-Arms Maxxis RAZR's all around Blackline Nerfs JDS Customs Flame Rear Rotor JDS Customs HQ Grille

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  1. Building my First

    A Arms

    You looking for stock or aftermarket? I have a new set of magnum plus 2 + 1 chrome never installed. I'll ship worldwide as long as its pay pal.
  2. How cheap are you thinking? I have a set of brand new magnum plus 2 + 1 never installed.
  3. I got a set in pretty good condition, platinums with 304 silencers, I can do 175 + shipping. Let me know if you're interested I can send you some pics tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the positive feedback wisconsinz. Just so everybody's clear zach45 has a problem with wisconsinz not me.
  5. You are 5.5 Hours from me....

  6. Inbox is cleared. I have this on ebay and have a couple bids, my reserve is set @ $1,100. I need $1,000 in my pocket. So a grand plus shipping and paypal's 3% is what I need. I will close the auction if any of you guys wants it. I will seperate after the auction if there are no takers.
  7. Saying good buy to Banshee's, till I get some property in a few years. Building a Harley now.

  8. I've been building this forever now. It's been taking so long because I've never had any where good to ride. I'll buy another one day when I buy some property of my own. I would consider seperating engine if I knew everything would go. If you're serious shoot me a pm or call me @ 269-906-5684. Asking $1,250 obo + shipping. Fits all years. OEM stator is a 2000. Completely rebuilt. Has never been fired up. New Cometic seals and gaskets. Bored to 64.25mm (+.010") that is first over bore. Cylinders have an aggressive port job, the cases are match ported. Builder said they would performed best with 35mm PWK's, 19cc domes & CPI's. This port job has engine dynoed @ 70 HP. He has seen 61 HP with stock carbs and Pro Circuit pipes. They are perfectly honed to the pistons. New Wiseco pistons, pins, rings & bearings. Stock crank rebuilt with All Balls bearings. It has been trued and welded by the same builder. Pro Design Cool Head with perfect condition 19cc domes and new Pro Design O-rings. Has a good condition Hinson Billet clutch basket with brand new Hinson cushions. EBC Dirt Digger heavy duty clutch kit, had 3 rides on it before rebuild was started. Clutch has a brand new BOSS Pancake Bearing adjuster. Case is in great codition no chain breaks. The trans is in excellent shape, forks, drum, gears & bearings. Has a modified shift star for smooth shifting. I will include the side covers if you want them, they are off a trail bike and don't look very good. The clutch cover has homemade Lexan window and Billet Water Pump Impeller. I will include a couple different sets of base gaskets if you want to change the piston squish. Of coarse this engine will require proper carb tuning and break-in.
  9. From what I remember a stock shee is 70 tops. Don't know what the 450 tops out at. You may have more top speed but you'll probably need room to catch up.
  10. Just wondering if they are worth buying, or would the 450 shocks still be the best bang for the buck?
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