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New to me banshee not running right

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I finally got another banshee after 10 years without one. Test rode (in the dark) and everything seamed fine. Started it at home to put in the building and there was a puddle of gas under it. Was leaking from the bowls. Put new bowl seals on and sprayed everything out with carb cleaner. Kicked it and wouldn't start. Put new plugs in and it started and ran great. On my way home, was going up a hill and it lost power and ran like crap and finally stalled. I kicked it, fired right up and ran great. Almost home and it did the same thing but didn't stall. It finally straightened up by itself. Felt to me like one cylinder was shutting down. What would the culprit be?

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Fuel cap vent? u put correct bowls on correct carb?
Float level?
Just sprayed or disassembled & sprayed?
Vents good, bowls are correct (did um 1 at a time so that didn't happen lol) and just sprayed. I know they're a pain to sync, so didn't wanna get into that just yet. I really wanna ride it at least once before I tear into it. Lol. When it's not doin that though, it runs absolutely like it should. Flat out screams.

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