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Elka long travel shock length


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On 6/25/2022 at 10:41 PM, Fasthappy said:

 I posted this question previously in the wrong place so I will post it here. Does anybody know the length of the Elka long travel shock that is used with their long travel link?

 Contact Elka directly and they should tell you.   But throwing on a X" shock that matches the required length isnt going to give you the proper ride or performance.  the shock still needs to be built / tuned to the rider and bike.  By the time you add in the cost of new springs and re valving to spec your more then likely not far off from just buying a new one.  

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Don’t quote me… but the best I can recall is 14.43 by their spec, which would be 14.4375 specifically or 14-7/16.

Basically, 14.5.

Word on the street is that it takes a different lower rod end.

Truth be told, no shock manufacturer that I know of makes model-specific rod ends for every model. In the case of ATVs, shocks are typically sold at half inch lengths with inch increments (14.5, 15.5, 16.5, etc.) and use a narrow top cap and rod end and different width bushings to make up the difference to the mounting locations. They’re commonly half inch wide.

So if you need a 1” wide rod end on bottom, you’d need 2 spacers to make up that difference. I also have no idea if different bushings fit different models because I haven’t gotten that bored, but any Elka service center will have a handful in stock.

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