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I have a 1999 banshee 350 with fmf exhaust I just picked up and he said he has been running it 50:1!!

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I have been told to run 32:1 and thats is what I want to run (i used to run it in my old blaster and never had issues) he said he's been running 50:1 in it. Can someone help/explain how to tune the carb to run 32:1 properly

(i had a blaster years ago that was out of tune and it dripped oil out of the silencer and I'm trying to get this banshee dialed in correct) 

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50:1 of what oil? 32:1 of what oil? Ratio depends completley on premixed. Running 32:1 on a oil that was designed for 50:1 will be way rich and 50:1 on a oil designed for 32:1 will be way lean. Always read recommended ratio on the premix. The manuals recommended ratio is for a specific premix. 

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