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    1999 banshee 350 with fmf gold series exhaust, its white and blue

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  1. I have a 99 shee and I just put a 421 serval, im trying to figure out what jets I should put in it. I'm at 93M elevation i run 32:1 and I have fmf pipes and the 421 serval 4mil stroker and 28mm keihin carbs
  2. I have a 1999 banshee 350, it has fmf pipes, keihin 35mm carbs, im a around 300ft what jets should I need
  3. I have been told to run 32:1 and thats is what I want to run (i used to run it in my old blaster and never had issues) he said he's been running 50:1 in it. Can someone help/explain how to tune the carb to run 32:1 properly (i had a blaster years ago that was out of tune and it dripped oil out of the silencer and I'm trying to get this banshee dialed in correct)
  4. Ok. have any crank brand recommendations, I was thinking vitos performance but I have heard that there cranks aren't the best 🤔
  5. My banshee started knocking, is it ok to wait till it either blows or till the end of the season (i ride maybe 15 ish hours a month)
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