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Help With 01 Banshee Full Rebuld Horror Story .

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Wow, multitude of rookie mistakes.


Should have bought a Clymers repair manual before you even started riding it. Might haved saved some coin.


Hear that laughing sound? That's the crank seller still going. Generally speaking a used crank is like a used condom, already someone else's mess.


Depending on type of riding looks like you're stuck with either serval or cub cyl. Only because if you want a motor looking like pics you don't want to polish worn out stock jugs. Odds of finding low bore stock jugs are very slim.


No clue where you heard you need case splitter for a Banshee.



Thank you for your advise and harsh words, they are well accepted. 

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Never ever install a used crank unless you have It completely rebuilt!!!  Of course if you are going to do that, spend virtually the same money and get a hot rodz crank that is brand new!!!  As for the cases, I have never needed any special tools to open them up....  My old cases have the chain whack but are very usable otherwise, if you would like to make me an offer on them....  I would rather think though that you would search for a set of cases that were not damaged at all!  As for the cylinders, they are right, buy new ones, or have new sleeves pressed into those ones (if they do that for banshees..).  check all transmission bearings for wear and install a stainless water pump impeller while you are in there.  Gook Luck!!!

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