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HELP! Clutch problem :(

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I just bought an 01 Banshee bored .40 over and I love it! Except today I was riding and my clutch acted like the cable broke. I checked the cable and it was fine other than a loose strand or two. I started the bike and revved it up and my clutch magicaly started working again. So I have come to this conclusion. When the bike is at high rpms the clutch works perfect. Once the rpms drop I lose the clutch. It's Not the basket as the guy had just put a new basket and plates in it. I have no clue what the problem is :( help me?!

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it's a new basket & clutch pack or that's what the previous owner told you?... there are lots of Banshee's on craigslist that have just been rebuilt or have $10,000 worth of aftermarket parts on them and owners that can show no proof or competence 

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Had the same issue, it'll eventually go out completly.


What I found to be my problem was the nut for the pancake bolt on the clutch had come off, the falling and returning of the clutch was the nut backing off and when it came off there was no clutch at all.


Simple fix, pulled clutch cover. Put the washer and nut on, set the cable (use loctite, failure to will result in this), and reassemble.

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