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How long can you go without an oil change 50,000


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I'm a Harley-Davidson mechanicals a traveler came in said he heard an engine noise and it quit running. 2012 ultra with 50,000 said he's had the oil change once or twice lol4eby5e3y.jpg5uzujyme.jpgezehy2y3.jpgebenajap.jpg



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I love carnage... A guy I know was over and we had a scanner hooked up to his diesel truck to delete a code, well the injector rates were all over the place not even close to spec. I am no expert by any means, but he said they were fine, whatever its his truck. Well today is about 3 months later and all eight of his injectors were bad on his ford 6.0, im not sure if it were the cause or not, but 4 of the pistons have holes in them. Now hes got one fuck of a bill on a truck he bought 6 months ago now out of warranty. I guess it sucks to suck.

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What about some of the new cars that have "lifetime" fluid in the trans?


I got a 1996 Chevy 1500 Crew Cab with 243,000 miles with original tranny fluid and rear end fluid.  :shrugani:  Gets my trailer full of quads everywhere I wanna go too.  ;)


And I've got a stupid 2005 Ford E350 that puked the entire trans at just 112,000 miles even though it got fresh fluid twice in it's life.

A 1-ton van that doesn't even have a hitch and only carries my kids around town! It get's out done by a rare 1/2 ton crew cab with a hitch that is my daily driver/work truck and carries furnaces and A/C units and actually tows toys on my weekends.


But they all get oil changes….

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