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first time at mx track. Need upgrades


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Today was my first time at an mx track and I had a blast. My first problem tho was that my thumb throttle is way to stiff and my thumb was getting so tired to the point I had to exit after 2 laps. Is there a way to fix this like different springs in the carbs?


My next problem was that my suspension sucks. I noticed this after hoping on my friends 400ex and it was MUCH more comfortable and smooth. What a-arms/ spring combo (affordable tho) would you guys suggest for trail riding and occasional mx track. Everything is stock btw

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I thought it was 81?


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Eliminate TORS if they are still in place.


Lube throttle cable if you didn't.


Adjust throttle lever for maiximum comfort


You could start with revalve rear shock and purchase new front shocks.


If your budget allows, +2 wider + 1 forward a-arms plus new front shocks will help a lot.


Check your tire air pressures.  5-6 lbs rear and 8-10 lbs front are a good range.  1 lb either way can have a lot of effect.


This is just a starting point.


Ride time ride time and more ride time will be your best asset.

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Shit so I guess that's my problem there. Also are works stage 1 shocks worth buying or should I save more money for elkas or fox floats?

when it comes to mx I'm not the man for suspension I run elka stage 3 on my dune bike and stock arms. From what I hear the fox shocks are supposed to be bad ass with the long travel arms.



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