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  1. Can check John at sand toys unlimited, he usually has carbs on hand and for a good deal.
  2. I've known him about 20 years and we always ride in Glamis and Dumont together he has helped me build at least a dozen bikes or so he is my boy and super cool dude.
  3. The black and white one is mine the orange drag bike and the black and red snap on bike belong to my buddy Adrian.
  4. The black and white one is mine, and yes you have probably seen it in Glamis. Those are the stomping grounds.
  5. How much u want for the voltric and what color is it
  6. I just got one here in cali for 350 in mint condition I'm super excited not sure what paint scheme I'm going to do on it. I might be selling my fullbore that possum painted.
  7. What cha asking for a white one??
  8. Matt will send you raw stinger s for like 90 bucks or Chrome for like 120 or so, I've gotten two sets from him.
  9. I have a chariot one black and chrome in great condition 125 shipped if your wanting pic dm me your # it's not letting me post pics up
  10. U looking for a complete throttle like a chariot or just the throttle lever
  11. Just want them gone, I sold the red banshee yesterday she is off to Utah so I just have my one blk and white one ill keep her forever and want to get rid of all the extras!!!
  12. Got 65mm unported if you can't find your 64mm
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