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Right Side Misfire


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I have a problem fellow Banshee owners. I have had my Banshee for about 6 months now. About two weeks ago I hopped on it and took off for a little ride and it was only getting hot on the left side. I could actually put my hand on the right side for a few seconds before it felt warm.

I have cleaned the carbs, installed a new coil, changed the Main jets to 300. The pilot jets are 30s. It still has the factory tops to the carbs but the TORS is unplugged. The carbs have been synced, cleaned.


The compression on both sides is 120.

I have taken the stator apart and cleaned it and inspected it.


I have not checked the black ox behind the seat.


At first it started as a plug fouling issue I am pretty sure. Then this started to happen.

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