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RZ 350 motor?


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No longer worth the time, hassle, or aggravation. First there is a ton of time finding all the parts and the cost to do so. Then there is the fact that there are guys setting up stock Banshee cylinders up to produce just as much power with just as good of a curve. Plus with the power valve set up on the RZ cylinders you can only do so much porting and if your wants/needs ever surpass that point it will be a banshee cylinder you replace it with. The RZ guys are on a revival and it is because they are now starting to adopt banshee tech to their archaic RZ motors. They were one in the same, but it was the banshee that made the aftermarket really keep stepping it up.


So in turn, if it were me. I wouldn't bother with the RZ set up. Once upon a time it was gold. But now there are so many different builders doing excellent 4mm stock cyls, aftermarket cylinders for drag, dunes, trails. Almost any of those set ups will far surpass what you can do with the RZ stuff.

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my dad has a 84 RZ, and I can see a few problems you would have. Since the banshee motor cases are exactly the same as the RZ's, you may think that it'll fit fine. but most likely it wont. If you ever wondered what the raised area on the back of the cases that is cast in, but 'plugged', its where the RPM meter went on the RZ. if youve ever had a banshee apart, you'll notice that there is an extra hole on the clutch side above and to the left of the clutch basket, right above the kicker gear. That hole is where the rpm shaft goes in a RZ. if you wanted to use a RZ engine, you would have to fix/plug that hole in the back middle of the case, not necessarily the one in the internal clutch part. Another problem would be your exhaust. the RZs had studs coming out of the power valve jugs that the exhaust bolted onto, not just springs like the shee that came later. since the stator side cover is different as well, it may not fit in the frame to well. Just dont do it.

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motor bolts right in.  


stock banshee pipes dont line right up they need modified  that's easy.  


mounting all the electronics and making sure they all work that's different   


unless you have a complete wrecked RZ 350 street bike its a LOT of money.   for the power you get and the overall cost  you can build a very nice 400-421 cheetah PV motor, that will destroy powerwise the rz engine. 


please DONT strip a rebuildable rz350 street bike just to try and get it into a banshee, thinking that your going to have a 100 hp motor with just a bolt in.

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