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Ebay -2 Swingarm?


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Anyone tried one of the swingarms sold on ebay? The are around 300 shipped for a -2 round housing with a 1 year warranty. The name of the builder is "The Swingarm Shop". The price is tempting, and the pics look decent, just curious if anyone has run one and what kind of luck they had.


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I have heard from several ppl that these are shit!!!!  shitty welds, cheap metal,  bolts dont line up etc.  Never seen them in person so this could be complete bs.  the pic looks decent, but pics can be misleading.


for that price you could buy a used one and get a quality brand name.  so with the carrier did you spend about $450?


got my JL swingarm for not much more, and I couldnt be happier.  very beefy and fully gusseted welds.


Hopefully this pace stepped their game up and addressed the problems ppl were having with them.  post some pics when u get it

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Around 425 with the carrier. I looked everywhere for used but not many people are running -2, I can find +4 all day long but nothing for -2. These swingarms have the 1 year warranty, and tons of them have been sold. The seller has near perfect feedback on ebay, so I figured I would roll the dice. If I get it and it is junk I will send it back for a refund, but Im hoping its a decent piece.

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I have 2 of these swingarms. nothing wrong with them at all. I have a -2 for this TT bike im building and a plus 2 for my super cub trail bike. and both are built well. everything did line up. carrier slides in nice and tight. chain sliders all that. 


id buy another if i needed one. 

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-2 is good for mx, flat track, trails.  more traction for smaller hp motors.  once you get into bigger HP or ride mostly hill climbs/dunes +2 is better.


Wouldnt a -2 be more prone to tipping on its side while drifting?

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I ran one of these a few years back, I snapped it where the shock/dog bone mount up- I was on a riding trip in West Virginia and thankfully a local was kind enough to weld it up for me unless the trip would have been a bust- Now, can this happen with a roundhouse aftermarket swinger, absolutely but you hear more stories about these than anything else!!

The stock style chain adjustments sucks

balls, either be patient and wait to score on a used roundhouse bc they do come up- I actually just sold one on here a few weeks ago or save up and buy new you'll be happy you did so!!

Our site Sponsors run deals on them from time to time, maybe try calling them I'm sure they'll be happy to work with you!!




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