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radiator hose routing


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Guys I need your help on this one. I bought a 2004 used banshee last month. I tested it on the sand dunes and the coolant reservoir had to be refilled twice every hour. I removed the air intake box and the gas tank to see if there are any loose hoses and I found a hose dangling besides the rear shock. I traced it back to a "T" right between the carbs and continues to the radiator. My question is, is it supposed to be going somewhere or is it just an overflow? I doubt it is just an overflow hose because I noticed a clip at the end which means it should be hooked somewhere, but where?



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The hoses from the T should not go to the radiator. 1 goes to the vent under the rear motor mount bolt, 2 goes to the clutch/waterpump cover, 3 goes up the steering stem to nothing for the vent.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I checked the hose again, (2) and (3) are just like you said they are, so i guess that end is supposed to be going to the vent under the motor bolt. But does that mean it is not important to connect? Since it is only a vent. And will keeping it disconnected cause my reservoir to become empty, or is that from something else?

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That vent system is totally separate from the coolant system. The hose should be hooked to the motor to keep water, sand, dirt, etc. out of the trans.

Hose from the neck of the radiator to the bottom of the overflow, hose from the top of the overflow back up the steering stem and made to drip on the exhaust . The only way it empties is when it cools it will pull a vacuum and draw coolant back into the radiator. if the radiator  was low to begin with. You're tank might just leak. It's really not needed, as long as your hose from the neck drips on exhaust you will be able to smell it if it boils over. 

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