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Hill Climb Competition in Pa?


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I survived but I only have holeshots atm they packed full of mud and two thirds up I spun out big surprise right anyways when I was getting off to walk it down Ii slipped and fell so the shee went like 150 ft back down in reverse luckily it stayed on all fours but I think I broke a shift fork cuz its locked up tight kicker and all I wont be home till

next weekend to split the cases to see the damage im glad I have a spare bottom end ..... im gonna order a +4 swinger and ohtsus for the next one june 1st

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heres a vid on my lil cousins fb page from yesterday at beaverdale my first run was an 8.1 witch i did make it over the top... my second run witch is in the vid was a 7.7 although i didnt make it over the top i did make it far enough to trip the timer all and all i am happy with my new 4mil from fast     https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10201550267639130&set=vb.1850487688&type=2&theater

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