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hardcore woods setup

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Nothing wrong with the 2 into 1 pipe.  There is a reason the pros ran them back in the day in the gncc's...they smooth out the power and make it more manageble and easier to ride.  Banshee's are known for their light switch power delivery and that's not what you want if you are trying to go fast in tight woods.  Your a arms are fine also...get some 4+1 offset front rims to narrow it up a tad and reduce bump steer.  Also ditch the yfz front shocks...to raise the front end go with either trx450r, kfx450r, or z400 front shocks if you are on a budget.  A -2 swingarm will help it turn better and keep the rear tires planted for greater traction.  Go with holeshot gnnc's front and rear...21's up front, 20's in the rear.  More compression will help low end power also. 

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about 65-70% of my riding is serious trails, and im redoing my shee, so id like to know a basic setup that doesnt break the bank. i wanted my shee a little wider so i did the yfz450 front end conversion, and the a-arms are a tad lower, so ill probobly need skidplates for those. also i came across a great deal on a 2 into 1 pipe and silencer, so i got it, and i know alot of the gncc riders from the late 90's early 2000's ran them, how good are they for woods? what size back tires, 20's or 22's? thanks for the ideas. :cheers:

I enjoy trails also. I mostly use my Banshee to discover places I'd otherwise never be able to access. You can fit a nice little 25L tank to the back of the bike and set out on a day trip.

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