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Found 4 results

  1. im looking for some help, or even someone that works on banshees in the iowa area. My banshee all of a sudden started reving high. So i gave her a break. Started it up and it instantly starting reving high, and the rpms increase very quickly, only can keep her on for like 20 seconds. Its bad. I checked my airscrews, my i take boots. My carbs were synced a week ago, and seemed to be on point. Might be leaking coolant somewhere. Underneath my banshee on the clutch side, theres a bolt that seems to have coolant/oil on it. I dont know whats going on. Can somebody help me?
  2. Ok so I have a 2000 banshee that wasn't running perfect, it would bog and have poor throttle responce when I would punch it in the 1-2 gears. But it would start up and idle normal with 1-2 kicks. The intake boots cracked, so I took changed them out and put some new ones in, while I was at it I removed the stock air box that had the lid removed and had a k&n filter. I put some k&n filter pods in. Along with that I'm pretty sure this has no effect with the idle but I also removed the coolent resivor. As for all the jetting specs I currently do not know them. What the bike has motor wise is 4mill, cool head and 17cc domes using liquid ice coolent, stock jugs .030 over, tors gone, boost bottle, 4+ timing, vforce reeds, and I'm running 91 gas with redline 2t oil 50:1 ratio. Something that I noticed kinda weird about it is when I got it (about two weeks ago) the previous owner had the idle screws in all the way and air screw 2.5 turns out. Just a reminder it didn't want to idle any more after I changed the cracked boots for new ones, removed the air box for pods, and removed the coolent resivor. Hope to get some helpful answer this, thanks to all way head of time
  3. My banshee isn't idling correctly off half choke. When the rpms are coming down to idle, they high pitched and slow coming down. It's kind of hard to explain, but when it's on choke it idles and idles down perfectly. I really need help on this issue. I'm new to bansheehq. Thanks!
  4. I bought a third hand 2003 Banshee with T5's, K&N air filter, proflow adaptor with airblox with 1' hole drilled all over it. I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin(Sea level/Temperature) I couldn't get it to start anyway other than pushing it. It ran fine once warm and could then be kick started within 10 mins of shutting the bike off. 32:1 mix ratio. I discovered it had TORS removed but had no idle screw in the right carb. It was also missing the choke linkage tube between carbs. I replaced the choke linkage and new idle screw. fuel/air mixture screw set to 1.75 turns out from seat. Now I have bog at 0-14 throttle right of idle and i can not seem to set the idle. Carbs are synced. Slides are fully closing. not sure where to look next. ANY AND ALL SUGGETIONS AND IDEAS WELCOMED THANK YOU
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