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  1. That is one way of fixing it but the bolt gets all jacked up and doesnt fit in the slot of the shift shaft. Also it looks like down shifting would be a bitch lol!!!
  2. My interest would be for clearance, ride comfort as well at being able to use a shorty shift lever to make a little cleaner shifts. I dont like the angle of the stock shifter with the large pegs so if i leave the shifter in the stock position and drop the pegs i can get my boots under the shifter a lot cleaner without shifting my body position. SonofSand rides with a set of pegs that have been repositioned by roll design but they no longer have that option available.
  3. JD i love your pegs but have you ever considered building a roll design peg in a race position? I believe its 1" lower and 1" back from the stock position. I would be all over another set of your pegs. The stock position pegs scrape on my lockout and are sometimes hard to seat in the bolt holes because of how the engine actually rests on the peg.
  4. Don't flame here but I found a heavy duty plastic tool chest with wheels and a handle on it. Figured it would be easier to move around. If I put the engine in sideways I can pack a good 3-4 inches of insulator board around it. I wouldn't think there is a problem shipping a engine on its side as long as there are no liquids in it but what do you guys think?
  5. I know Ryan that they did the testing on his 10mm serval just got a hold of a set of snipers in like 3 days. I tried to get a pair 3 months ago. called and called for about a week and a half with no answer or reply. I talked to Cam the night before Tyler posted the results of the 10mm serval and ended up going with one of the options i could get a hold of that he gave me.
  6. Tyler any idea what the stutter at the top of the sniper pipes is here on this dyno chart that Cam did on Ryan's 10mm serval? http://bansheehq.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=171645 That is one of the big reasons i stayed away plus the fact that i have heard and seen that they burn the crap out of your pods which isnt great out in the sand. I've been thinking about new carbs for a while and just about bought a new set the other day but then saw chariot is coming out with new carbs and decided to wait. Messaged them just yesterday and they said they are out about 4 months on those. Is there any harm in running a 35mm carb on this motor till i can pick up a set of 39mm chariot carbs?
  7. To new to get a good reading on them. haven't had them in very long. i pulled one plug and it was wet the other was dry but both carbs are set up identical and the cylinders kick exactly the same. I'll try a different needle and mixing down though. That was one thing we talked about trying.
  8. No still right where i was when i filled the trans.
  9. I just build a 10mm Serval cub (465) as cast. I'm running pods, 35mm carbs, chariot intakes, VF4 reeds, chariot cool head with 24cc domes (kicking compression 155lbs), shearer SB in frames. Timing is set at +5 with all stock ignition minus the timing plate. Fuel of choice right now is Avgas mixed 50:1 with Amsoil. Leakdown test held 6lbs solid for 1.5 hours. Right now I'm running into a problem that im hoping you guys can help me with. Im running 42 pilots, 135 mains, cgm needle on top clip. My machine is acting rich but i feel like im way to low to go any leaner. When my machine gets under heavy load like when hill shooting it has a hard time staying in the powerband. as if my pipes can't clear and its bogging out. Here are a few video clips of me out testing and tuning let me know what you guys think. This was with a 148 main this was with the 142 main I picked up more speed with a 140, 138, 135.... but im worried about being way to lean. Any other issues you guys might be able to lead me toward or is it just a jetting deal is all?
  10. Absolutely awesome man! very nice work. what is it made of? Very interested in a gas can/tank for this area of my banshee.
  11. Not sure who made the carbon fiber hood I bought it off of Tyler Clark a few months ago in preparation for this build (not sure if you saw it or not). Tyler didn't say where he got it from. It is a design I have never seen before so I snagged it. been talking to a guy about making a race cut style rear fender out of carbon fiber but he wanted to see if there was interest for it at all. So if anyone knows where I could track something like that down let me know please!
  12. Liked the look of the modquad more, ill report back on the case cover to let you guys know how it goes
  13. http://www.modquad.com/clutch-lockout-sets-banshee.html This is a link of the lockout i picked up. I got the black cover, black lockout, trying to decide on lens. Got clear and smoked lens
  14. Got the timing plate and pancake bearing too. The lockout cover looks amazing! Very well machined. Haven't put it on yet obviously but looks like it will be an awesome addition to my toy.
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