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  1. LOL i see one issue with society, SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will believe this is a valid argument, and try and justify it to what little friends they have.
  2. once again, another thread of rockstar theme banshee, and then theres the monster theme banshee threads also. IMO they are both WAY overdone and i would just try to do a color scheme that you like but not something EVERYONE else has
  3. theres only one problem with just plugging them off, looks like somebody cut it apart so they could change the chain without pulling it, LAZY! so they are pointless because i PROMISE its not sealed worth a damn any how. Get a good cover, yamaha knew what they were doing (kinda), because its GOING to get wet inside with it like that
  4. i did a conversion with a heavy ass zx900r motor in a shee frame with a +6 swing arm and the tank under the rear seat also, we used an air shock off of a kawasaki kz600 and its fully adjustable with how much air is how stiff you want it and it also has a rebound adjustment, just a thought for ya
  5. check the radiator also, i had a 97 also that would do the same thing, pump was fine, jetted perfect, turns out the radiator was plugged more than anything on the bike which caused it to overheat
  6. rebuilding a 4 stroke dirtbike = WTF BS

  7. check the coil first, i had the main wire come loose on the coil the orange one on my 97 and it caused it to be hard to start, run like shit, no power and shoot flames backfire,sputter and pop like crazy
  8. The 6.0 Only has problems if its not taken care of, OR if a tuner is installed and used HARD without other mods. We own one, we also have a tuner and i haven't done any other mods (mainly im too lazy to out head studs in), but it doesn't get driven like a sports car. Ours has 160k on it and there is nothing wrong with it at the moment, we got it with a dieing FICM ($1200), (previous owner let the batteries die) I love the interior of our 05, NICE leather and all that other good stuff, get one and take care of it, change the oil and ALWAYS use a fuel and oil addative, never let the batteries run low, if they do fully charge them before running the truck, drive it hard every now and again (to clean out the shit in the EGR and turbo). Despite all the taboo of the 6.0 I say go for it, just don't buy one with problems. because injectors are 1500+ a FICM is 1200+ head gaskets A FUCKING LOT+
  9. Whenever somthing like this happens, the first thing i do is clean the carbs. In your case the carb, try new plugs also, dont just clean them sometimes that doesn't work.
  10. ive been saying shit like that long before i stated palying COD. Being from Temecula you should be just about as tired of them as i am. But i live in the mexican part of town....summerlin, spring valley, green valley, etc...too expensive and far from base.
  11. if nothing is major messed up you can clean the case half really well with de-greaser then dawn and JB weld it, clean it up then take it to a machine shop and have em weld it up. either way works, but JB weld is cheaper.
  12. whats cheaper, a border patrol agents salary, loss of a border patrol agent, or 2k miles of claymores, land mines, trip wires, razor wire, and the occasional AC130 flyby?
  13. Just add some to your gas, . it'll keep things lubricated.
  14. LS1Inferno

    hood rats

    Since we no longer have natural selection, I'm all for open season!
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