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  1. Looking to sell my wifes Blue 450. Everything is bone stock with the exception of the FCI intake. Riden light. Taken very good care of. Nothing is bent or broken. Looking for $4,000.00 OBO. The quad is in North Houston (Tomball) If you are interested let me know. I can send picts. Figured no reason to post picts of a bone stock quad. Thanks, Greg
  2. Unless your running alky, I would stick with the "8" series plug.
  3. I am not sure what a stocker with hubs and everything wieghs, but this one is like 12 lbs or something like that with all the hubs and everything. The JJ&A website says under ten, but I think that is the Drag axle, the hillshooter is a little longer so it weighs a little more.
  4. I don't have it any more. I parted the whole thing out. These are my last two parts to get rid of.
  5. For sale: Custom Painted plastics by JK Customs. 350 Shipped. JJ&A Gun drilled Hillshooter axle with Boss 40mm Carrier and tools 450 Shipped Prices are for upper 48 states only. If paying with paypal you cover fees or you can gift the money using a verified bank account to avoid any fees.
  6. I must have got the RS lemon. I ran mine for almost 3 years without a single issue.
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