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  1. A TZ can be used, but it is only really useful when the application calls for a high radial load. The downside to a cylindrical bearing, such as a TZ, is that it is not capable of withstanding the perpendicular load that a ball bearing can withstand (some bearings have tapered cylinders to accommodate a perpendicular load). Many people who use a TZ also use straight cut gears, for the stock angled gears can put a perpendicular load on the TZ bearing which could lead to premature failure (especially if the races are out of line). A max load bearing is a better choice unless the engine's power is high enough to warrant the use of a TZ bearing.
  2. I concur, TZ and Max Load should have groove and come with a full clip.
  3. Nice work, Jeff! Seat covers are looking great!
  4. For general two-stroke knowledge, read Two-Stroke Tuners Handbook by Gordon Jennings and Two-Stroke Performance Tuning by A. Graham Bell. You will not only know what things are, but you will know how and why.
  5. Sorry to hear that, Dave. What is sad, is that the cases will probably end up getting dumped somewhere. Hope you get them back...
  6. The bike is out of control awesome. Very nice build! These were the good old days...
  7. We will bring you back to the darkside of the dunes, don't worry. You will once again be a triker...
  8. I am up for some summer three-wheeling, Ben!
  9. Jeff is a good man to deal with. The covers he makes are very nice, and great quality. Give him a call if you want a custom seat cover!
  10. V-Force reeds are really not useful on a stock ported engine. I would do what was mentioned, timing plate, shave the head, after-market reeds (not v-force), etc. As mentioned, shaving the head is cheap. It is cheap even if you buy a different head to shave. If you do go with an after-market head, buy a Noss or a Chariot Performance rather than Pro Design...
  11. The stock gearing for a '98 is 14/41, correct? I know a lot of people like to run 13 front for trails and woods riding, you might want to try that. A one tooth change in the rear makes a little difference, but a one tooth change in the front makes a big difference.
  12. Same case saver, and I am pretty sure I had to cut my stock cover as well...
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