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  1. Right now it's a 62/71/14 over a HT60. I have some boost leaks to work out right now and need to tune it more. Might also have to install an external wastegate for the HT60.... But all that stuff will be done after the winter season.
  2. C-Tech in Michigan Got all my gaskets in last week and this week, so now just gotta wait for my head to be done and my HT60 to be done, then it can start going back together! Woot! Thanks Tyler! It's been awhile since I've talked to you gents. Hope all is well with you two, and to the other fellas I used to talk to all the time. The Banshee will be getting some work done to it once the truck is put back together.
  3. Thanks Would be nice if I could break the 800 Mark, but we will just have to see next spring! October will be breaking the VP in, doing all my re-torques, etc. Then winter will be just having it for my DD if need be. Once spring arrives, tuning, hard running, etc shall continue
  4. No Sir, just a new SO VP. My old one was going on 8 years old, I'm just changing it for the heck of it and to see if I can get that extra little fuel. Haven't had my puke bottle since I've owned the truck, I extended my hose right down to the ground. That is from the blown head gasket at the track getting thrown everywhere. And I have all sorts of goodies done to the truck, not as much as I'd like though obviously. But from what I remember.... 6 Gauges, AirDog 100 (have a 165 sitting on the floor with a tank sump to go on still), Tunnel Ram, Valve Springs, head studs, Twin Turbos, 7X12 Injectors, TST Comp, Smarty and Ts MVP stacked together, Goerend Transmission with billet shafts, Water/Meth, ummm there is probably stuff I'm missing but owell. Head is getting porting, fire ringed and all checked over. I also have another turbo I'm getting rebuilt to use for my Primary that flows about 300cfm more than my current Primary. Last Dyno was 782Hp and 1432 Torque, looking to break 800 on my new SO VP, head work and new primary. Takes quite a bit of tuning to get this VP's to run hard, but it's doable. Once I have it back running I'll be breaking in my VP, doing all my re-torques for the fire rings and just having it for the winter. Once spring arrives I'll be back at tuning the twins, water/meth, etc, etc.
  5. Well figured I'll throw some pics up for the heck of it. Doing some work on the truck currently as you can tell....
  6. Just like Colby said. It is very hard to find a Dealer that will allow you to run a mileage enhancer and not void warranty. You'll want to do re-search on the chips that are "un-traceable", a lot of them will still leave codes inside your ECM and PCM.
  7. Dinner


    Looks pretty pimp! I like the black wheels on red body. Hell even looking at the interior picture it looks comfy! Oh and Hyper, whenever you post a picture of a vehicle you should blur out the licence plate, keeps nerds from getting your info
  8. Best time last year (only the 6th time down, still testing/tuning) I ran a 12.7 at 108....60 ft time was around 1.87X, I don't remember my other times and speeds however. If I find my time slips I could let you know. This year I plan on shaving some more weight, these new tires are smaller diameter and lighter, and still got some more tuning to do to see what settings my engine likes and give me better top end pull once in overdrive. But ah well, we will see what I can put down this year Got my rear end dropped down today so the truck sits a lot better
  9. New summer wheels and tires, should also help out a bit at the strip And I'm actually dropping the rear 4" or so this Sunday to get it level again
  10. Another mod installed to help me out at the track next year....and just cause the power increase is nice too
  11. Yeah you And right on. I run a 1.8 as well, need to try to get it lower. Ah well, the season is over for drag racing up here in Canada. I shall continue on next season Good luck with your Ford
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