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  1. pp13bnos

    Redline Racing Build

    You need to tell Cam your goals. Like I've posted before, He's a bit fruity, but knows his stuff about building a motor.
  2. Cam at Redline, all day long. No one else.
  3. I'm a bit more conservative. Probably idle for a minute, then taking it easy until there a decent amount of heat in the radiator. I don't ride it hard until its upto operating temp.
  4. pp13bnos

    a-arms and swingare

    I have a set of Albas. No complaints here.
  5. I heard rumors that the dunes won't open up until September. Don't know if its true or not. Anyone know whats going on with St. Anthonys? I have a trip planned for mid June.
  6. pp13bnos

    Paddle tires, gearing, Oregon

    On a a +4 arm, it'll want to stand up a bit. Can be alot of fun, if you like that lol.
  7. pp13bnos

    Paddle tires, gearing, Oregon

    Larger sized tire will have more surface area, and won't want to dig down too. Since your a bit heavier than me, you probably could run more paddle and keep the front end down. I'm running a 22x11x8, 9 paddle on my 521, but thats in an attempt to keep the front end down. BTW, what size of swing arm are you running? That'll play a large factor in the sand.
  8. pp13bnos

    Paddle tires, gearing, Oregon

    If your into drifting, trail riding and just general duning a 20x10x10, 9 paddle extreme will work much better than the V paddles. But if you want to be doing the tree shots by the water, or drag racing I would suggest a 22x11x8, 8 or 9 paddle extreme. Preferably a bead to bead buff (the tire is ground down to eliminate weight.) But you're going to be spending some coin on them. I don't know what your budget is, but if this is a one time dune trip, I would say go with a used set of 20x10x10s. For fronts your dirt tires will work. Gearing will have to do with what type of riding you'll be doing. As long as your not running a ton of gear, it'll probably work.
  9. pp13bnos

    Paddle tires, gearing, Oregon

    I don't think a 20x10x10, 9 paddle will be enough tire. Its not for my wifes stock cyl. 4mm, and I'm sure your serval is making a ton more power than it.
  10. pp13bnos


    If $$ aren't a issue. I say super serval or super cub. Whats your current build?
  11. pp13bnos

    Jugs the bigger the better

    When building a motor, trenching and porting cases are probably one of the cheaper things to do. Unless your racing some class that doesn't allow case mods?
  12. pp13bnos

    Which Skat Trak Exteme Haulers ?

    If you like sliding or drifting around, the 20x10x10 will do it much better. Everywhere else a 22x11x8 will out perform. For paddle number, I would call Sandtoyz and talk to John. He's helped me out a bunch of times. For my wifes 4mill, both she and I prefer a 20" tire.
  13. pp13bnos

    Looking for opinions for my new build

    Honestly, Cam is going to point you in the right direction, and won't sell you crap you don't need. Good guy. I've had him build my YXZ (reason why he's now bald and gay), my 521 and my wifes 4mm. Extremely happy with everything he's done for me. CJ
  14. pp13bnos

    T5s or cpi

    I'll probably be in the minority here, but on my old setup with a stock ported engine, but with all the bolt-ons, I preferred the T-5s.