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  1. Unfortunately, no. Cam has the pipes, I just need get the bike down there. This isn't Cams fault, but mine.
  2. Well, looks like I'm going a different direction. After talking with Cam, we're going to try doing some modifications to some Paul Turners and throw some 35s on it, and see how it reacts. I don't have a clue when it'll be done, but it should be interesting choking a SC down.
  3. pp13bnos

    Hjr 4mil

    I had Redline Racing do a 4mill for my wifes bike. It was basically a clean up port, with the supporting mods. Idea was a fun little quad for her to ride. it made low 60s hp, and 40ftlbs of torque i think. With that said, I would fix the clutch issue, then take it to another dyno if you're really concerned about it. Make sure your jetting is dialed in, carrier bearings are good, and chain is proper tension. My .02
  4. I'm not on the facebook market place, but curious to what they are going for when they do show up.
  5. Not that I'm willing to sell them mine, but are you looking for big bore or small bore?
  6. Yes, I've played with the rear suspension, gearing and tires. Biggest help was going from a 12 paddle to a 9 paddle, and taking some gear out of it. If you can put 120+rwhp down to the ground (with minimal tire spin) the front end will lift with shorter swing arms.
  7. Lol, I'm running a super cub on a +8, and can't keep the front end down in 3rd but I'm only 165lbs or so. My older brother is a also running a super cub, and is 240lbs or so, and is running a +10 and he can keep it down for the most part. If you can get decent traction, a +2 or +4 will be interesting for sure...
  8. Another vote for the weirdo at Redline. He's done my wifes and I banshees, my kids lt80, and my yxz. All of them run super hard, and are reliable.
  9. Another vote for the weirdo at Redline. He's done my wifes and I banshees, my kids lt80, and my yxz. All of them run super hard, and are reliable.
  10. Far from an over the top build, but I'm probably into my 521 super cub build, in the 15k-18k neighborhood. I don't remember exact numbers, but I'm in the 125rwhp range. Honestly, compared to a couple of my friends, my build is pretty cheap. I wouldn't doubt if some of my friends are 25k deep into their duners. Chrome and polished metal gets expensive fast. Drag builds can be stupid expensive.
  11. You need to tell Cam your goals. Like I've posted before, He's a bit fruity, but knows his stuff about building a motor.
  12. I'm a bit more conservative. Probably idle for a minute, then taking it easy until there a decent amount of heat in the radiator. I don't ride it hard until its upto operating temp.
  13. I have a set of Albas. No complaints here.
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