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  1. hoppedupandcutdown

    Reving out on its own

    Has to be an air leak. Torn intake boot or such. (assuming you've checked and the slides are indeed down, and not a hung up cable housing)
  2. hoppedupandcutdown

    Banshee brake pedal pin and clevis size

    Less than $12, new OEM
  3. hoppedupandcutdown

    Banshee brake pedal pin and clevis size

    No, it's for sure not.
  4. hoppedupandcutdown

    Head and Tail lights dont work

    Has to be running. If so, the bulbs could be blown if the regulator is bad, not connected, or not bolted down tight to a clean bare metal.
  5. hoppedupandcutdown


    Probably transmission vent hoses. 1 comes out at the very rear of the engine and T's off to the area by the water pump in the front of the clutch cover. The 3rd side of the T then goes up the steering stem and just sits there open. If the rear one gets pinched, or none of it is routed properly, oil will run out.
  6. hoppedupandcutdown

    Question on buying a Banshee.

    Sweet! Congrats on the purchase!!
  7. hoppedupandcutdown

    First time banshee owner needing help!

    TORS absolutely will NOT cause issues like that. It is a run or not run system.
  8. hoppedupandcutdown

    Engine Swap

    A R1 engine is great in a R1. Otherwise, what 97screamer said.
  9. hoppedupandcutdown

    New user, purchased my first banshee! Got some questions.

    This statement still stands. Raw fuel out the pipe means that side isn't firing. Pull the pipe, dump out fuel, pull plugs and kick for a while, install new plugs.
  10. hoppedupandcutdown

    New user, purchased my first banshee! Got some questions.

    Looks like pods and pipes are the only mods. Very clean quad though. You need to do a leak down test and a compression test first off to determine it's wear factor. The right side spitting oil is a sign of the right crank seal failing.
  11. hoppedupandcutdown

    Stumped Big Time

    I've been giving this some thought. Crazy problem you have here. Only thing that kills a plug is gas fouling, an old car trick was to just set the plug wires on the dist cap to make an air gap for the spark to jump, supposedly increasing it. So possibly you have weak spark and it simply won't fire a used (wet) plug. No one here likes anything electrical except OEM for the most part. I'd swap out parts individually with a friend if possible. Ohm test the plug caps (they have a built in resistor) Someone in recent memory had a new one that was bad.
  12. hoppedupandcutdown

    idle screw on carbs

  13. hoppedupandcutdown

    Banshee Driving me nuts!!

    Slides are correct then.
  14. hoppedupandcutdown

    Banshee Driving me nuts!!

    Slides in the correct carbs? Bowls on the correct carbs?
  15. hoppedupandcutdown

    Wiring for light bar

    Banshees put out AC current. The relay that came with your bar kit will not work with AC current.