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  1. Bad cap, hoses routed wrong, over heating, leaking head gasket. Nothing you said made any sense. Did you open it hot? Did you start with a full reservoir? When filling the radiator did the coolant go immediately to the reservoir? Or after it cooled?
  2. No idea. That's how I post pics. Would really like to see them, considering a hybrid build myself.
  3. And to think, CAMATV teases me about my pics with red circles. See, I'm helpful dammit.
  4. Did it have to proper lock washer? Splines to match the shaft... I've seen many a post and pic where people don't think the nut needs to be tight since it has that folding washer. (and not only self-taught mechanics either)
  5. That little rubber plug goes in the case in front of the sprocket. Collar is damaged from the seal -replace. Factory nut, was the concave in board? The nut being tight keeps the countershaft from going in and out.
  6. Last guy with that exact problem had water is his fuel but was too hard headed to check it because it ran good and he just filled it up.
  7. To put it in perspective; The Banshee owners manual recommends 24:1 The most popular here is 32:1, some run 40:1, and a very few run 50:1 or even less.
  8. Oh, and one more very important thing since you deleted the TORS. Set the throttle stop so the slides do NOT go much above the bore...They will stick at WOT.
  9. If you really feel the need to run a lid, I use one of these back when I ran my Banshee in the mud at our local riding spot. Those Toomey 1" vents they recommend for "perfect jetting" per their instructions, are junk. http://store.ehsracing.com/ehsracing_banshee_350_airbox_kit_cover.html
  10. Again, mine does the same with the filter off. I was sure surprised the first time, wouldn't think it'd matter.
  11. Yamalube 2R? Same mechanic that told you asphalt makes the engine hotter?
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