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  1. hoppedupandcutdown

    No spark! Changed almost everything!!

    Key switch needs continuity to run. Thumb switch can not have continuity to run. OFF grounds the black to the black/white. Borrow a good known CDI and try that. (no way to test one)
  2. hoppedupandcutdown

    Trouble shooting

    If you have continuity through the switches and they are good, borrow a CDI and try it. I recently had mine go bad from a lightning strike. Worked one day and not the next.
  3. hoppedupandcutdown

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Well, we probably currently share the same muscle mass.
  4. hoppedupandcutdown

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Sam Elliot - neck up Patrick Swayze - neck down
  5. hoppedupandcutdown

    Building with no vin, state issued vin

    I'd get title before starting the build.
  6. hoppedupandcutdown

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    HaHa. I'm actually letting it all grow out, like Sam Elliot in "Road House" (Chicks dig Sam Elliot)
  7. hoppedupandcutdown

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Ha, My daddy couldn't even afford 10% of the sales tax on a truck like that. I am the rich Heindel.
  8. hoppedupandcutdown

    Building with no vin, state issued vin

    If you can get one that cheap and easy, get it. Having the auction paper work is to your benefit. Even States that don't require paper work, (like here in KS) getting a title is a nightmare.
  9. hoppedupandcutdown

    Jetting at 3,330 Ft above sea level

    As the elevation above sea level (0') increases, there is less oxygen per volume of air (lower density). Typically you'll need to rejet your mains one size for every 1500'-2000' elevation difference; jet smaller when going to a higher elevation and jet larger for going to a lower elevation Whenever you alter the amount of air flowing in or out of your motor, you'll need to rejet to compensate. More air flowing in from a more efficient air filter will result in a leaner air/fuel ratio; more air flowing out from more efficient pipes will do the same thing; in both cases you'll need to rejet to compensate (typically larger mains and sometimes larger pilots as well, depending on the mod). http://www.dfn.com/agservices/jetfaq.html
  10. hoppedupandcutdown

    Spark plugs keep coming loose

    You have WAY to much compression and are certainly running to low octane fuel.
  11. hoppedupandcutdown

    How to tell if rebuild on clutch is necessary?

    Your friend is wrong. A clutch grabbing is not bad. Adjustment or a grooved basket is your problem. Although if it gets better after warming up, I consider it normal.
  12. hoppedupandcutdown

    clutch fiber thickness?

    That's not necessarily true about synthetic oil. Most is wet clutch compatible. And this post is over 9 years old.
  13. hoppedupandcutdown

    which bore to choose from

    ^^What they said.
  14. hoppedupandcutdown

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    WOW, I've not given any thought to a new truck...but that is one good lookin' Ram!
  15. hoppedupandcutdown

    Reving out on its own

    Has to be an air leak. Torn intake boot or such. (assuming you've checked and the slides are indeed down, and not a hung up cable housing)