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  1. Stabilizer, bumper and one carb rebuild set sold to Tom. I have other stuff I'll out up on here later. Have some OEM rubber boots, few jets, stock rear skid, and few other small parts.
  2. Basket and clutch sold to Sheerider1026.
  3. Also can contact me at mikenick937@gmail.com Sold Banshee and got a Brute Force. THis stuff has to go.
  4. PEP sterring stabilizer $30 shipped New Tusk clutch $35 shipped AC bumper bent on left side slightly $20 shipped
  5. New Mattoon billet basket. $125 shipped Stock carb rebuild kits. Have enough for 4 carbs. $20 a set shipped left side peg $10 shipped
  6. Ones with 3 bars are badass dude!!
  7. Are you around!!!! What happened to youuuu!!!

  8. Are you around!!!! What happened to youuuu!!!

  9. I would say beat the shit outta that bitch b4 she goes but don't do that. Hope it works out. I can't wait til Tylers ole lady lays the law on him. Now that he has a kid on the way he's in it for the long run..
  10. Your bikes are amazing looking. I bet those are a blast to ride.
  11. AxesOfEvil_96 that looks like a funass place to ride!!
  12. Damn!! Great deal man. I bet that's a beast on the track.
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