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  1. We can ride right out of the house driveway to access the dunes. We do have to go through the Discovery Point campground, but if they have their gate closed, we can probably get away with riding 200 yards down the county road to the dune access sand road. But if the riding area is closed, we're screwed.
  2. Sup Ya'll? It's been a good while since I've made any posts in BHQ, sorry for my absence. Does anyone have any info on the Oregon dune riding areas? Will they stay open? We have MiCasa reserved for 5 days in early May at Winchester Bay. I'm hoping we don't have to cancel our trip due to the dune riding area closure. We'll make sure we ride at least 6 feet apart for social distancing unless we're drag racing up Banshee hill, then all bets are off. I'm pretty sure the alcohol will poison my liver and kill me before the corona does anyway. I figured I'd ask, since I just heard
  3. dito on the 421 seval and Redline. You probably don't need a 4 mil serval for the kind of riding you want to do though. definitely not the 421 cub
  4. I had 34mm mikunis on a 421 cub and I went to 35 kehins and my mileage got quite a bit worse.
  5. Definitely need to measure compression and/or take the head off and find out what size domes are in it. If the compression is high enough you could detonate and destroy pistons running just 93 octane.
  6. Welcome back. I like riding my wifes YFZ450 in the trails, but my banshee is way more fun in the open dunes and hill climbs. I have an 04' limited, black on black, love it.
  7. Cam at Redline is not too far from Portland either (Sweet Home OR). You can get a special cool head style head with super domes. The super domes wont fit in a regular cool head. Or you can get the head that's on it re-cut.
  8. I have a 421 cub with +4 swingarm 14/44 gearing and 21x12x8 10 paddle extremes. Last time I went to the dunes the sand was damp (Winchester Bay OR) which made it easy to get bogged down. Every once in a while I have too much traction when I'm on a steep hill climb in a low gear mostly because the power comes on so hard that the front wheels shoot for the sky, but just about right most of the time. I also have a pair of 21x12x8 9 paddle extremes that I now run on my YFZ450. They were a great tire too. Just a hair more wheel spin. Probably actually more duneable for playing around.
  9. I believe your supposed to run .020" base gaskets with cub/serval cylinders, this would get your squish into the .040" range which is optimal. It shouldn't hurt to leave it the way it is though. On your race fuel comment, I also only go to the dunes a couple times a year, so the added cost of race fuel isn't that big of a deal. I'd be tempted to just leave it the way it is if you like the way it runs, but higher compression domes with a better squish probably would be a good seat of the pants improvement.
  10. I think you could get a little better performance from a new set of 24cc domes with a slightly tighter squish, but its probably not worth the trouble. If you went to higher compression domes you will get more torque and probably better rideability, but again, might not be worth the extra expense of race fuel. I have a 421 cub but I am ported seval envious. I would sacrifice some top end power for my engine to come on the pipe at 4.5K and run on pump fuel.
  11. Are the carbs synchronized good?
  12. Got the e-mail invoice. All is well.
  13. If your in a dusty environment you'd probably be better off with a foam filter as I believe they filter out the small dust particles better than a K&N. You will definitely have to go slow through mud puddles because you'll get mud and water splashing on open pod filters. I think I would consider keeping the air box in your case.
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