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  1. If you don't mind me asking, What is with the setup that you are unhappy about? Just looking at the picture, it seems like it would steer better if the outter tie rod ends where moved closer to the spindles.
  2. I hope Jeff doesn't mind but I borrowed this picture from his website. the pipe on the left is big bore and the right is small bore.
  3. The easiest way would be to look at the pipe where it conects to the exhaust flange. If it is almost the same diameter they are big bore. If the the pipe is small enough and looks like it fits into a step down in the exhaust flange then they are small bore. Post a good picture of the exhaust flange.
  4. 840cc Here is the starter.
  5. Im not sure these carbs are gonna be big enough.
  6. Here are some of those pictures I took Brad.
  7. Rudy's shit runs hard period! He has been having some health problems and has moved closer to his daughter. Thats why he is harder to get ahold and stopped doing machine work. Thats all I am saying.
  8. Here are some better pictures of the 20mm DMX pipes. Here is a picture to compare them with a set of custom built 10mm pipes. They are not the same brand as the sniper's. They just help show the actual size of this set of snipers.
  9. Would also trade for a stock stroke cub preferably unported,that doesn't need too much work. I am always looking for drag parts.Straight cuts,J arms,Carbs...
  10. I have a set of cylinders that were drag ported by Jim at Passion Racing. They are for a 4mm crank and they are 65.50mm bore. They should be ready to run with a hone and new rings. I have a used set of longrod pistons that I will include, and two sets of domes cut for the cylinders. If I remember right, the domes are 19cc. I had these cylinders for along time and have been very pleased with them. I am running the cylinders now, but will take them off anytime. Don't know what to ask for them so I will start at $400. shipped for everything listed. Or make an offer. Or I may trade for ju
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