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Looking for Trinity 2into1 carb kit, 35 or 38mm carb.

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I’ve been ruing these 2 into 1 carb kits on my banshees for many years as well as friends and always had good luck with them, I know this topic has been gone over 100 times.  It works for my riding and I’ve never had an issue, anyway my sister bought a banshee and wants me to put one on hers.  If you don’t have the full kit, if you just have the aluminum manifold I can buy the rest on eBay.  Let me know what you have.   I have some stock stuff if someone wants to trade, have 3 sets of stock carbs with boots etc., modquad extended thumb throttle, 3 stock fuel tanks, 3 stock banshee swing arms, 2 stock banshee heads, and more.   Between myself and friends we’ve had 5-6 banshees through the years so I always keep the unwanted parts.  



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I've got the complete setup but the boot isn't in great shape. I'm thinking in the neighborhood of $75 shipped for the intake or $200 with carb and cable. Might also be interested in trading for some of your parts. Please message me if you're interested.

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