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Mikuni vm30mm or 32mm carbs any good

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I’m looking to finish up my build and I found some mikuni vm30 or vm32 for the build, my question is are these good carbs, I’m going to eventually go 4 mil when this fresh build blows up,I’m thinking of going 32mm ,so in the future for when I go 4 mil I could use those carbs aswell. my question is are these carbs easy to tune and are the good quality compared to stock. If anybody has any reviews or suggestions on other carbs please chime in. I would love your wisdom ,my build now is a stock length crank,chariot billet head,+4 time ,and a motor fast 2 into 1 exhaust. My question is will the carbs be good addition to the build I wanted 30mm to still have throttle response but I would hate to have to buy new carbs when I go 4 mil eventually.

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7 hours ago, kawa110 said:

Just save ur money and get the carbs u need for the 4 mil. Stock carbs will be fine for now. Go 4 mil and get pwk 35’s.

Do not buy knock off carbs.

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I wasn’t trying to by knock off’s I spoke to the distributor the mikuni 32 vm’s are genuine are brand new for $76.00 .i had the sales person verify quite a few time if there genuine mikuni and not knock offs .they purchase straight from mikuni supposedly .my question for $76 dollars for each carb a total of basically $150 for both genuine mikuns is it really not worth buying them or running them there knock offs, there quality carbs can they be that bad for real please, I’m on a budget unless some one could sell me some used  stock oem carbs or good aftermarket for a good cheap price.please let me know my options.

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