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Dusting off my old banshee rebuilding some stuff

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Hello, I haven't been riding in a long time due to school and work. I'm pulling out my 1987 banshee and will be fixing things I haven't done in a while. I need to replace the gas tank or plastics as the plastics are broken where they mount into the gas tank. I need to get new k&n pods as one of mine rubbed on the exhaust and burned a hole through the outerwear and the filter.

I will also need to buy some spark arestors as I only have some OLD SCHOOL silencers that came on the bike when I bought it in 02. I believe they are old unmarked fmf silencers but they are unidentifiable from all pictures I've looked at online. I need to rebuild the carbs since last trip out in 2015 they were leaking gas... quite a bit.

I will also be replacing all fluids and hoses because it's been sitting so long I'm sure it needs it. I know the main gas line from the petcock was brittle and snapped as I tried to disconnect it to drain the gas.

The specs on my banshee are, 1987, fmf fatty pipes, unknown silencers. Dual K&N pods, tors deleted, rebuilt and ported by a guy in corona probably in 2010. 2 degree timing advance I dont remember the jetting I currently have in it I jetted it according to what the guy who ported it suggested and it ran great plugs showed not lean or rich. I run it on a mix of 4 gallons 91 octane 1 gallon 110  octane. Run it on 52:1 ratio. Progressive suspension front shocks. It ran great in the glamis dunes I could hardly keep the front end down while duning, though it always was a gas guzzler.

Any suggestions on what I should also do while I'm ripping it apart? Should I get into the case and trany to replace some bearings and seals? I also wanted to add some vforce reeds while I'm spending all this cash. Also I need to reupholster the seat since it's got some cracks and rips. Thanks for any suggestions.

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