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No spark


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What's up guys.. I'm reaching out to hopefully get some help from you guys...

I have a 2002 Banshee and bought it without headlights or a taillight. I purchased a grab bar with a built in LED tail light and put it on. When I installed it and the bike was running and as soon as I connected the wires, the bike shut off. I am yet to be able to get it to start up again. There is no spark. I changed the spark plugs, coil pack, CDI box, kill switch, and even bought a new wiring harness and have not been able to fire it up. I watched a youtube video to test the stator and out of the three coils, one of them reads too high. Ignition coil is within tolerance, pickup coil is within tolerance, but the lighting coil reads .8 when it should read 0.26 - 0.38 ohms. Can this be the reason for no spark? Is there a way to remedy this issue or do I have to buy a new stator? 

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions. 



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