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Help needed. Needle position question..

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I'm a noob to the world of banshees. I raced super cross as a kid though. (2stroke ofcourse, until everybody started breaking bones) So when my old man said he wanted to start riding as a family again since the grand kids are getting bigger, I figured I'd break down and get a legit quad. (Unlike all the beaters we got sitting around the yard) Anyhow, 2stroke is in my blood. It was quadzilla or a Shee. Easy choice for me. I bought one off Craigslist with rebuilt carbs. Shame on me. Ran great the first two short outings, but then started to bog about mid throttle. Stock everything on bike accept for k&n pods, and f&M pipes, and for some reason the timings advanced. Otherwise pretty stock bike. A 2005. I went to av gas. 100ll. Left it same as previous owner....32:1. Definitely better response with av gas. Same bog mid throttle though. I did some reading on yalls forum and moved the clip on the needle up one. Big difference, but still a tad of a bog at mid throttle till the power band kicks in. Then she flies. Good response on first quarter throttle, and nice idle. ( I like a higher idle) My questions are....its a stock carb, so will I damage the engine if I take the clip to the top? She feels nearly perfect except for that damn little bog period, so would small tuning pilot or idle screw maybe help seeing I moved the clip up one from center already? WOT is smokin fast so main jet is good right? Could there be an air leak or gasket issue going on? There was a reason he rebuilt the carbs... slides look a little worn too. Should I just buy new carbs and be done with it? I want the motor to be on point!  I am particular about my equipment and stuff like that. I enjoy the reward after the process of fixing the problem too, but I do need some direction and help though. I know Jack crap about banshees and 2stroke carbs besides what ive learned the last few days reading yalls forum. Any advice woild be greatly appreciated. My old man said get a 4stroke. Hell with that. 

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If it were me, i would not lean out the needle(raising the clip) first. Id lower the clip(richen it) all the way to the bottom. Usually if your chugging along and roll into the throttle and it want to stall or have a deep drowning sound thats a lean condition. If your chugging along and roll into it and it wants to sputter then you gotz a rich condition. For your mods( if that actually all that done id make sure you have a 27.5 pilot, 280-290 main and needle in the middle clip or favor the bottom clicks. As far as your timing, id run no more then +4. Actually id run it at zero until your shit is sorted out. Also if your running pods/outter wears make sure they are both super clean and not too over oiled. And if your trail riding, if you have paper filters(k&n) throw them out and get a dual stage uni filters.

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