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WTB stabilizer bar clamp, ims heel guards, works frame guards.


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Looking for a bar clamp to support top mount stabilizer.

I am unsure if the bar clamp in this photo is GPR or Scott’s. Either way this is the bar clamp I am looking for.



Or of course the GPR top mount stabilizer kit. (Bar clamp is built into the stabilizer)


Looking for IMS heel guards....


Looking for works frame guards...


PayPal ready

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1 hour ago, kawa110 said:

Fmf sst Head pipes
Fmf gnarly head pipes

Paul turner silencers
Paul turner Low range head head pipes
Paul turner Mid range head pipes
(I don’t know if they exist) High range head pipes.

Damn, you planning an exhaust shootout? PT does make a "High Rev" pipe. I didn't know they made a low range though.

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19 hours ago, kawa110 said:

I really don’t know if they make a low range either...

Lol. I've got a buddy in Whittier that has some PT mids sitting in his garage he'd probably let you try sometime. They are not for sale but maybe you could demo them before you bought some? We should get together and ride this fall once it cools down. I'm always looking for So Cal people to ride with as I really only have one riding buddy down here.

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