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What size jets do I need for banshee


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Hey guys I’m new to this page I’ve owned my banshee for over 3 years and recently needed to do a complete rebuilt so I bought a wesico crank stock, oem cylinder stock bore 64mm, 21 cc pro design cool head, billet throttle body, vforce 4 reds, 28mm Kiehn carbs pkw, single k&n filter open air box , driveline clutch kit, toomy 5 inframe pipes I wanted to know what jet size do I need to run for this set up I’m 253’ above sea level in California I would definitely appreciate your guys help thank you very much and I’m glad I found out about this page 👍🏻💯

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Thanks man I appreciate the help hope fully I could get it to run legit I had a 4 mill crank and 421 cheetah cub set up on that with 21 cc domes on stage 5 head on pump gas 91 oct and never got it to run right it would always bog on bottom end it sucked bad but the power band was crazy loved it but too bad I’m new to the banshee game so I wanted to learn more about it cuz I wanna do the work on my bike now 🤙🏻

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