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All right so I bought this quad off a guy that couldn't get it running right, long story short I doubt you guys believe me but thats why im asking the PROS!

Its got t5 pipes, uni filter, on stock carbs. TORS deleted.

280 mains, stock 25 pilots

First thing I noticed was that the thing ran so rich it blew oil out the exhaust... WTF got all over my truck and dudes just like yea.. lol

Got it home and the slides were in backwards with the flat side facing the air filter, and the sight window wouldn't line up with the dot.

So I cleaned the carbs out (well like 3 times now) and switched the slides around and now it will not fire.

When the slides are in the right way and the carbs adjusted right. 1-1/2 on screw and idle run in till touch and maybe 2 turns..

I can get it to run if you put fuel in the cylinders but it wont pull and fuel through the carbs with the slides in the right way.. 

Believe it or not ive switched to slides back around (the way dude had them) and it runs just as shitty as when i bought it.

Ive double checked float height and slides are not sticking. THIS THING DOES NOT MAKE SENSE WHY IT RUNS ONLY WITH THE SLIDES IN BACKWARDS


I havent been able to get it to fire once with slides in the right way which leaves me stumped.


Thanks a lot,



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I dumped fuel, klotz 32;1. i understand it could use a bigger pilot but why in the hell would the slide be in there wrong and still run but when i switch it the right way it wont fire to save its life. all the wires are cut and capped. the thing is clean but just runs rich do to the slides.. they even had the needle retainer covering the little hole on the slide which i think was the problem why it would rev up.. but the whole slide thing has me lost

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I have to switch the slides back to the way they should be and try putting a hose in there. maybe the slides the other way cut off the vaccum leak caused by the hose that isnt in there?

i thought it was just where the over flow tube went or something.. not realizing a hose was supposed to go in there

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