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Chest protectors?


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I crashed last September, broke some ribs and dinged up my shoulder. Wasn't wearing a vest, I wish I had been.


I've looked at a number of vests this winter trying to find one that might have offered me good protection.


IMO, most of the lightweight, less expensive vests wouldn't have done much for me.


One that I've seen that looks like it might have helped prevent some of my injury is the new 2017 Alpinestar A10 Full Chest Protector. There are probably others that would do the same thing, but this is the one I've focused on so far.


The U.S. version of the 2017 Alpinestar A10 Full Chest Protector, list $229, is not yet available in this country. Maybe later this summer according to the Alpinestar rep I spoke with recently. However, it has already been released for sale in Europe and there are some European dealers with retail outlets here in the U.S. who are importing European models for sale here. I'm guessing it is about the same as the upcoming U.S. version, maybe some different graphics, colors, etc.


It is designed to be worn with their neck brace. Alpinestar lists the CE ratings of the vest on their website.


There are previous models of the A10 chest protector still available. I'm not interested in those. I want the latest version.


According to the Alpinestar rep, one issue with buying a European sourced model could be warranty work. He said it might have to be sent back to Europe if repairs are needed.


I definitely want to get my hands on one and try it on before I make up my mind. Maybe I'll buy one of the European models. If I do I'll update this post.

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I wear this as often as I can when I do plan to go out for a good ride....  I mainly bought it after I ruptured my spleen when my bike flipped on me but yea.



Its saved my ass a good few times.. ESPECIALLY when ice racing. those studs eat through your layers of clothing like a razor blade.  It also comes with a kidney belt which I LOVE when you go on long day rides.

That Thor looks like a good one.


Here's a link to the new A10 I mentioned http://www.alpinestars.com/a-10-full-chest-protector#.WJS0H-tHarU

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Alpinestar has released the new 2017 A-10 Full Chest Protector for sale in the U.S. I picked mine up yesterday from a local dealer who buys from Western Power Sports.


So far I like everything about it except the shoulder pads. Putting the vest on and off with them attached sucks. I've taken them off the vest and probably won't wear them very often, if at all. There is a version of the new A-10 that comes without them for $30 less, but according to the Alpinestar website it's not currently being sold in the U.S.

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