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421 serval mx/hare scramble bike


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A serval Is a trail oriented cylinder - I trail ride -why wouldn't fuel consumption be a concern. I go on long rides with 4strokes without access to gas stations. I've had my banshee for years an wouldn't trade it for a 450 getting 25 mpg EVER. I wanted something beastly for the trails which is what I have but its pretty snappy as is that's why I'm not even sure if I'm ready to tear it down yet for a port

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what im saying is... power comes at a cost.... you cant have the best of both worlds high hp and good fuel eco....



all you can do is increase the amount of fuel you can carry with you.....



make your buds buy JD's roto pax and make em bring a extra couple gals too...

Whats this roto Pax ?
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