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Lots of extra engine parts to swap for aftermarket J arms, etc..


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I have a lot of parts to swap.  I have a stock transmission (not in the picture) in good condition off a running bike.  I also have everything pictured here.  The stator wires are cut, but did come off a running bike (it was just wired like shit) there are 2 stock baskets, one looks brand new and the other has some grooving and a couple knicks in on some gear teeth, it rolled smooth though and was off a running bike.  there are lots of parts as well as these cases that were from a running sealed bike. Has a pretty good chain whack on it.  I will clean them up more before shipping. I have these CT dune ported cylinders as well as namura pistons and the stock crank. The only thing not pictured is some spots on the cylinders are repaired with heli coils, these all came off a running bike. I also have a set of boyesen reeds from the same running bike. I have a lot of smaller parts, two of each, and wont be needing both, so feel free to ask.  I am not saying anything here is in awesome condition and if its not for you I don't really care to hear about it, its just stuff I wont need and it might help someone get back up and moving again before a trip or something someone could use for a cheap build project.


I am looking for a GOOD set of +2+1 J arms and tie rods for my project.  They would need to be for the 90s J arm banshees.  Or I would be interested in an A arm conversion kit with +2+1 A arms.  Not looking for anything with chrome.

Also looking for:

Billet clutch housing

NEW flywheel

Stock length round house swing arm

Billet water pump gear

Good carbs without TORS


I am building a mild 4 mil so if you have anything that think might be of use...


Just TEXT me at 17128996473











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Ok, so some things came up and it looks like I will not be able to
see this project through, super bummed.  I don't know the value of all
this so I am going to start out high and say $3500 takes everything,
shipping is on you. I might be into a trade, so what do you have?  I
have a truck and might be willing to deliver within 100 miles for
another $75.  I did get some nice stuff together and the bike is almost
completely tore down. It would have been a really nice 4 mil!


So here is what I have:  CT dune ported cylinders (have heli coil
repair) with namura pistons.  I also have some stock cylinders that will
need a bore.  I have two cases, one set is stock with chain whack and
one set is super nice with no chain whack, trenched and clean!  I have
two cranks, one is stock and one is a Hot Rods 4 mil with 115mm rods in
super nice condition. I have a brand new CFM aluminum air box with 2
never used outerwears. 2 stock carbs with TORS, was going to do the
conversion and the throttle cable was broke so that is cut. I have two
transmissions, two clutch set ups (one set of stock springs and one set
of HD springs) pretty much two of everything you would need for a bottom
end. It has the stock suspension on it, the rear shock feels like it
was set up for flat racing, BUT I have a set of YFZ stock external res
shocks that were revalved with gold valves. The frame is a 90's J arm,
with a stock rear end.  The front end has D arms on it but the ball
joints will need replaced. Rear axle is an aftermarket axle with
adjustable width. I don't have a title. I will give you ALL the parts I
have for this. The nerfs are DG alloy series. The plastics aren't a
great color scheme but there are no cracks in them, the black and red
rear set on the ground is for a 250r but you can have that too! 


Let me know what you think its worth, I know its not all great stuff
but if you just want to bash my shit, don't waste your time, I won't
respond to it.  If you are seriously interested please feel free to text
me with your offer, name is Chris, number is 712-899-6473.  I live in
Sioux City, IA if that helps..as we say in the chopper world, this is
definitely a basic case project.














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