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4 mil question


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what are some suggestions for pipes.


im not a big fan of FMF pipes.



I ride on my farm, so i have some flat feilds to open it up, but i also have some tight trails through the woods.


are pro circut platinums any good? DMC aliens? any suggestions?




My buddy has 4mill and he runs cpi. im going to buy his 4mil and im going to run t5s.

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correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure you haft to port for a 4 mill due to the diff port timings. i just rebuilt from a 4mill 110 short rod to a 4mill 115 long rod and had to re port due to diff port timings and my motor was ported when i got the crank by hjr i evan had to switch the domes for the 115 rod.. im far from a expert but im pretty sure you haft to port for a 4mill

you dont HAVE to port for a 4mil.....however the port timing will be effected so you should get it ported to correct that issue. The domes all need to be changed when going from a stock to a 4mil.....otherwise your piston is gonna come up and try to remove your head the way you dont want it to. also the long rod crank that you have requires different pistons than a stock rod crank.

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