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remz chris haffey 2.2 skates

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i have 2 set of brand new in the box remz chris haffey 2.2 edition skates for sale i bought 4 sets for the family but my brother and i relized we dont have the time to use them i paid $300.00 for each set i am asking for $250.00 obo i have 2 sets one is a size 12 the other is a size 10 they are brand new in the box never used never touched btw the ones in the picture are the ones that i bought for my wifey the other 2 have not been touch






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Haven't seen a set of those in a while. I have a set of the original Remedy's in the basement of my shop. I also have some old Roces, K2 and a bunch of USD stuff. I actually built my skates. USD frame and boot. Oxygen liner and cuff. Just a little cutting and fitting and it was a slick setup. I skated the Remz for a while but I wasn't big on the ankle support. They just didn't give as much support as the full height skates with a cuff latch.

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