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69mm cylinders


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Ok so as some of you guy's already no i'm starting to put my blown up mess back together.. I'm starting with stock cases a stock crank not welded and now i only need cylinders so i was gave a set of 69mm bore juggs wich i can tell they are ported not sure how much but a noticeable amount more than my blown up stockers.. So here where i'm stuck what am i goin to have to do to run these big bore juggs that are ported i have stock carbs a noss head that i no i need big bore cut domes for but what are the pros and cons?? What size carbs? what cc for the cut domes? i'm 500 above sea level and i'm stickin to pump gas.. I'm sure theres tons i'm missing so Any input would be great Thanks again guy's...

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Ok any one got a number for f.a.s.t or any michigan builders.. Thanks


Dan Hull @ A&S:



Rob Earl @ RDZ:



Bob @ RB Porting:



These are all Michigan guys, all within an hour of Lansing area...

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