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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, new to banshee forum! Trying to get some questions answered. So my banshees top end is really wore out and my step dad and I are going to rebuild it but we figured since we are going to put in some work to it, might as well do a big bore kit but we are unsure on some things. Was looking at the Banshee 66mil 370 big bore kit from wiseco. Don’t need anything insane but it’ll be a nice upgrade to my stock wore out top end. So we don’t know if we can use my stock carbs or if we need some “bigger” ones, if so what size, tried looking for “66mil carbs” bc we thought they would have to match to the kit but had no luck. Probably sounds dumb but we are noobs 😂. Or do we just need a jet kit if so what one? Or do we even need different carbs? Also is there any other mods we will need to do with the big bore kit?
  2. Hi Banshee HQ. I'm on my way to picking up this 2001 Banshee, It is in boxes & will require a full motor rebuild. Asking what are some affordable combo's, I'm mainly riding trail so Im thinking of boring the stock cylinders to a 65.0 What Exhaust, Tyres, Stock Carb Jetting, Oil:Fuel ratio. 250ft to 590ft above sea level Plastics are sanded previous owner sanded them the front are drag cut. I want it to look as original as possible I don't mind blue or silver frame with blue plastics and original graphics kit How can i bring the blue back off the plastics. or what paint can i use and which process is good to use. Images: https://postimg.cc/image/3ki38z47x/ https://postimg.cc/gallery/w3c8ybf2/
  3. Hey guys, I have a question about jetting for my application that I'm installing when it comes in the mail next week. Heres what I purchased to install on my 2005 Banshee. 370 Big Bore Ported Kit, Pro design cool heads with 21mil domes, v-force reed valves, new 28 mm dual pwk carb kit with k&n filters and outerwares, toomey t6 exhaust. No stock airbox I live in Nashville,TN and ride trails and woods mostly with a little street drag if I wanna play around a little. My question is what jets should I use with this set up? Any response would be greatly appreciated and also I'm new to this forum so thanks in advance!
  4. I've got a new banshee all stock with t5's. I wanna either get a big bore kit or stroker kit(can't afford both). Which will work with stock carbs better. Which one should I get for drag, I've already got heavy clutch setup on the way and I'm still deciding what length swingarm to get. Give me some recommendations. And is there a way that I could get a stroker kit then later get a big bore with out complications and vice versa with big bore then stroker.
  5. selling my 421 Serval Cylinders with 68mm Wisecos and Rings also have some VF4 Reeds wanting 1150 for cylinder pistons combo or 900 for top end, 200 for pistons, and 200 for reeds or 1350 for whole loot all is brand new reeds and pistons new in box cylinders have never been on cases
  6. First of all, We'd like to thank Tyler for a great site and forum structure. And for allowing us to be a part of this great community. Welcome to KaN Powersports! My name is Nate and my wife's is Kim. Our number is (801)686-4556 About us: I have been building modifying engines my whole life (first one at the age of 7). I have been involved with many different avenues of race circuits-Including Drag, Oval, Jet boats, MX, Grass Drags (sleds), and such, for the bulk of my life. A little over 10 years ago I started a business fabricating Bulletbike powered mini Sandrails, and building/repairing 4 wheelers & ATV's-and this is what set the stage for what we do today. I have always owned/loved the Banshee, and this is where our 'hearts' are! We've had/or have, and raced: drag bikes, play quads, Oval racers, and asphalt bikes. With all variations of performance levels. As the "Mini" market dwindled, we began focusing on modding and building engines for the powersports world. During all of this my wife and I saw the need for a quality/honesty based shop in our area. So we moved out of our 'backyard' shop and opened the facility we are in today. We sponsor two motocross racers (both finished in the top two places of their class this year). Until about a year ago I have neglected the importance of 'social networking' and advertising. We have relied on 'word of mouth' which has worked very well for us. Today, we send engines all over the world as a result. Banshee HQ is THE place that it is 'real' and we are very excited to be a part of this forum.... We are open Mon-Fri from 8-7 MST and Sat from 10-7 MST... Complete engine building services we offer: We are a complete machine/repair shop specializing in two strokes, as well as four strokes. But our heart and specialties are with the Banshee! We build and true cranks including making custom strokers, Bore/hone & Sleeve cylinders, Trench cases, All levels of porting, Cylinder head work, Lathe work, Mill work, Aluminum welding, offer Quality Replating services. We perform all levels of modifications, supported by our in-house chassis dyno! Give us a call for complete details. Parts available though us: We have many, many accounts and can get just about anything OEM, or aftermarket that is produced! We are dealers for (but not limited to..) All OEM, Moto Tassanari, Toomey, FMF, Crank Works, La Sleeve, Advanced Sleeve, CP Industries, Direct Drive, Red Line oils, Amsoil, WPS, Tucker Rocky, Marshalls Distributing, Automatic Distributors, Carrillo, EMPI, Rocky MTN ATV and much much more. Website: kanpowersports.com (under modification) FB K a N Powersports E-mail: kanpowersport@yahoo.com (801)686-4556 KaN Powersports LLC 2108 S 1100 W STE 1&2 West Haven, UT 84401
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