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Found 6 results

  1. K&T Built 4 Mill Cheetah Cub with Mikuni big bore carbs, Custom powdercoat and paint. JJ&A axle and 3 spoke wheels, CPI pips,+6 swing arm. The bike runs extremely well, starts first kick and looks amazing. It has maybe 25 hours on the motor since it was built. I have the title in hand and it is registered in Ca. K&T did the complete motor package, if you have questions I should have the info on it. Asking $7,000 for it right now, but offers will be considered.
  2. Quick and simple as possible can't find a post that has the answer I'm looking for! I can't get the bike to idle RIGHT what so ever and have tried everything I can possibly think of and am I out of ideas I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Mods Fresh, stock cylinder 4mill dune port HJR t5 pipes Cool head domes cut for 91oct sea level +4 timing stock carbs, none of tors crap, crossover tube , k&n pods with outter wears, vforce 4, current jetting 30pilots Needle One above middle clip 330 mains So mid and top are great plug chops show it too, but I've never been able to get the idle right, when it's cold it start 1-2 kick right up no choke and then it warms up and acts rich, Boggs and has to clear up before it revs up. It will idle for a minute or 2 then die every time! I've tried going down to 27.5 and 25 and somehow does the same shit, when I open and close air screws I don't notice a difference, slides are in the right way choke tube is there, sync carbs, I've leak tested and no leaks, reeds are new less than 3 months on them, I tried turning the idle screws in all the way and helped a little bit but still not right , and carb body is shaved as low as could for the same reason that It wouldn't stay idling, I've even checked the pick up gap on the fly wheels and it's good. The last things I've done is full tear apart the carbs to clean and nothing float is set 21mm any help is much appreciated!
  3. I'm planning on getting some new carbs very soon, just not sure which size would be best? Current set up -stock jugs .020 -4mill - +4 timing -cool head not sure but believe 21cc domes Running 91 fuel (premium in Cali) -Vforce reeds -stock carbs -dual K&N open filters (no air box no outer wears) - boost bottle - a sticker or 2 to add hp I'm planning on sending jugs to HJR for a dune port soon as well and going .030 (since I already have the Pistons) I was thinking 33 or 35mm pwk, what do you guys think is better? -also who has the best price???? So far I believe F.A.S.T has the best price at $174.98 Thanks a head!
  4. Ok so I'll make it simple for now there's more mods to the motor, but for now I'm currently running stock carbs and vforce reeds what do you guys think if I put a 2 in 1 intake on a 4 mill?? Will it loose power? Can it gain more power? Better throttle response? More speed less speed? Good or bad idea? What are the pros and cons of a 2 in 1 on a 4mill? If good idea what size carb is good and what intake? Thanks for the help
  5. Hello everyone! I recently bought my second banshee (4mill). Bike is 2000 with stroker, Coolhead 21 or 19cc domes believe, vforce reeds, r1000 clutch, magura hydralic clutch lever, +4 timing advance, t5's, tors eliminator, bored .030 over,running 50:1 ratio, stock carb(don't know current jetting) that's all I can think of right now motor. Bike is strong and fast as shit! It starts 1-2 kicks every time and idles fine. Problem is 1-2 gear has really bad low end throttle response and at times bogs. Once it catches speed bike takes off and problem goes away. I'm thinking it's jetting? I'm horrible when it comes to that
  6. iv been looking at the 421cc cheetah cub 4mill kit on ebay im going to be drag racing asphalt looking to throw this into my stock cases adding a lock up and out of frame drag pipes, what are some things are a must to do? is this a good kit for doing it? any suggestings carbs size etc any help will be greatly appricated. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Banshee-421cc-68mm-Cheetah-Cub-Cylinder-4mm-w-Crank-/250592325047?pt=Motors_ATV_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a58776db7&vxp=mtr
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