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  1. Anybody? I dont mind paying xtra for my cub but want to know why when everybody says cubs take stock head studs.
  2. I need advice on what jets I should start out on for a brand new 421 cub and how big of a range of jets I should get to get it dialed in. It has 4mm hot rods crank, shearer in frames, noss machine head with 20cc domes, vforce4 reeds, 39 pwk carbs and I ride at sea level. The carbs came with 150 mains and 50 pilots. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know the difference between the stock and cub head studs fast sells? I thought both cylinders used same head studs and you only needed different for pro design head?
  4. I'm getting a 421 cub built soon and was wondering if you needed to wait until after engine break in to get an accurate plug chop. I've watched all the videos I could find and think I got the process down but none of them mention if you could do the chop on brand new build.
  5. 50:1 of what oil? 32:1 of what oil? Ratio depends completley on premixed. Running 32:1 on a oil that was designed for 50:1 will be way rich and 50:1 on a oil designed for 32:1 will be way lean. Always read recommended ratio on the premix. The manuals recommended ratio is for a specific premix.
  6. Does anyone know of a paint that somewhat matches a 04 red frame. I want to touch up a few chips and the frame isnt bad enough to justify redoing the whole thing.
  7. I'm in the process of gathering parts for a 421 cheetah cub build and was trying to figure out if a regular duel pingle valve would do or if I need their guzzler. I'll be running 39 pwk's with f.a.s.t billet bowls and I ride wide open dunes with up to 2 mile stretches.
  8. My cousin got a good deal on a used CP cylinder but the seller wasn't sure if it was a serval or a cheetah cub. I just got a cheetah cub cylinder from F.A.S.T and he already had a serval but all three cylinder look the same to us side by side. Is there a way to tell them apart?
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