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  1. I also just had that happen to me. Completely replace idler gear and washer/clip. The bushings in the idler gears are known to go bad and it can leave a mess when they go bad
  2. I know it sucks to hear but the only way to fix it is to tear it all down yourself and rebuild it again. Only because that’s not a common problem so you might not find a solid answer. And if you’ve never rebuilt a full banshee motor, they’re really easy…just make sure you get the right center case gasket material and seal it up good. Plenty of videos out there too
  3. I have 155 main but I’m not sure about my pilot jets. If it idles good keep what you have
  4. I mean I’d say you’re definitely running rich but I don’t know what the plugs look like in yours. And I’m not sure what pilots are in mine off the top of my head. If it idles good then keep what’s in it
  5. Start with 160 and that should be rich I’d think. It’ll give you a good start at least. My 34mm Keihin carbs have 155’s but I think I’m going to drop to a 152 and check that as well
  6. It will start and idle but it even idles a little lower than before I started having this problem. How would I know if my cdi is bad?
  7. Yea it’s tough to find room to do it sometimes. You could also to a 1-3 pull and when you get in the top of third gear hold the brake slightly to give it resistance and go about 40 yards like that.
  8. Get the ngk or whatever you’re going to actually run in it. It’s only a few dollar difference most likely. But I’ll give you a step by step of what to do. 1)warm up your bike so it won’t blow up when you do the test lol 2) remove the old plugs and put in the new ones and do NOT start it. 3) take your banshee to a place where you can open it up and run full throttle. 4) As soon as you’re ready, start the bike and go. Full throttle through every gear(obviously don’t push it to the point where you’re worried it might blow up). When you reach full throttle in 6th gear, pull in the clutch and shut it off. Coast to a stop. Take the spark plugs out and put the old ones back in. Keep in mind which plug went to which cylinder for jetting reasons. 5)look down the spark plug lobe and look for a coffee or caramel color. Or to make it easier cut the threads off the plug to see it better
  9. Ahhh yea didn’t think about that but the pods were fresh and oiled how they should be. Ran fine for probably like 45 minutes then started acting up. Only have maybe an hour on the frame up build
  10. I’d say start out by throwing a new set of plugs in it and run it wide up the road to see what color the plug shows. You want it to be a Caramel looking color.
  11. There originally was too much oil in it but I drained it back out and it’s where it should be now. Still having the same problem. Could it maybe be the stator pickup gap being wrong?
  12. It just cuts out and falls on its face. Like it acts like its not getting enough fuel or something. And yea filters are brand new as well as new fuel lines and carbs were just cleaned
  13. I have a 1996 Yamaha banshee with trouble running in the higher rpm’s. My setup is 34mm Keihin flat type carbs, pod filters, +4 timing advance, vforce 4 reeds, 21cc domes in cool head, trinity stage 4 pipes, and stock crank and top end. The problem just started it seemed and when you rev it out it wants to fall on its face. Almost acts like it’s not getting enough fuel but the plugs look like a coffee type color. The main jets are 155’s. I also checked the stator and all the connections are in spec. Any advice helps on jetting or what my issue may be. And I messed with the needle and that has no affect on how it runs either so that’s not the issue. I also run 40:1 fuel mixture with 93 octane and castor 927 oil. Honda 80w in the tranny.
  14. Hello I have a 96 banshee I’m semi-building and I just rebuild the whole motor crank up. It has a cool head with 21cc domes, 34mm keihin flat slide carbs, individual k&n pod filters, and trinity stage IV full pipes. I’m not really sure where to start my jetting at….I just installed the trinity’s but I had full fmf before so what should I do?
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