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    2001 white fmf pipes worx suspension 4 mill stroker blaster pistons on stock jugs

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  1. Anyone buy one of the cheap flywheels off eBay ? My stocker is bent and I don't want to spend $200 on a used one if the $50 special will work fine. I also like having legs so I get nervous buying chinese flywheels.
  2. Sounds like a bad master cylinder. They're cheap anyways id just get a new one
  3. You'll have to measure the bore but the heads look fine they just had a little detonation.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knew about a direct fit LED pod that would fit in the stock housing. I know they make h6m leds that are pretty good but I think that a actual LED pod type assembly would be both brighter and longer lasting than a led bulb. I searched but most things were about hid conversions.
  5. If your crank is trashed I did a HJR 4 mill crank, blaster pistons, stock cylinders, and FMF pipes and it was a good all purpose bike. No spacer plate I had a 2mm step cut into the domes on the head. Not an expensive build either I think it was less than $800 and half that was the crank. 4 mill crank and 66mm blaster pistons is 396 cc
  6. Wouldn't surprise me it sat out in a field for like 5 years. Are the shocks rebuildable?
  7. Banshees are a timeless classic I'd do the trade. I'd ride it first though. Power delivery is radically different with a 2 stroke
  8. Yeah like I just launch pretty much straight up in the air and have to hold on for dear life. I went to sit on it like a chair and I hopped on and it bounced me off backwards. Would increasing the pressure on the shocks reduce the amount of bounce it has?
  9. I'll take a look tomorrow before work. Thanks. So what is so bad about athenas? I saw I can get just the bare cylinders for like $400 which seems really cheap for a nikasil jug.
  10. Any easy way to tell if they're oem? They look like yamaha quality castings and the bike had a bunch of quality parts on it when I got it so I don't imagine the dude put niche cylinders on it. But the machinest might have set it up loose I guess. When I tore it down the ring gap was .032 and .036 and the piston clearance was .007. there's no scoring the bores are completely smooth
  11. How many hours do you get on a plated cylinder vs oem cast? I only put 4 tanks of 32:1 av gas through my stockers and they already need an overbore. The builds a 4 mill stroker with 66mm blaster pistons. It spent the entirety of those 4 tanks at wide open throttle on the limiter but I was expecting more than one season out of a top end regardless. I'm thinking about getting a set of athena 68mms instead of going to 66.25 on my stock cylinders. But it's not cost effective if they won't last at least 100 hours before replating. I don't use the shee enough to justify the 1400 for cheeta cylinders. I'd rather just buy another yz250 at that point. I do know that I'm going to go to 16:1 on this build to try and get it to last.
  12. So I've jumped my banshee a few times and every time when the suspension unloads on the crest it straight up launches me off of it and I usually end up hitting my knees on the handlebars. It has a worx suspension I believe. What do I need to change to make it less of a death trap? It lands level and doesn't bottom out but it's not very fun holding onto the bars for dear life while flying through the air. It might just be operator error though. If it helps I'm about 180 lbs most days.
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