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  1. i am currently running dual 34 keihin carbs. it idles but bogs real bad in the mid power range. it has a 392 athena big bore, cool heads, 22cc domes, vforce 4 reeds, billet intake, fmf pipes and silencers, oversized radiators. it is about 25-40 Fahrenheit and about 600-700 feet above sea level. any recommendations on carb setting would be greatly appreciated. thanks for looking
  2. my banshee needs carb adjusting bad. and I don't know what to adjust it to. as of right now it is fouling plugs left and right. it bogs really bad mid range and has trouble getting on the powerband. it wont idle. the carb needle is on the bottom. i dont know the jets. i am about 600-700 feet above sea level. during the day it is around 25-45 392 bore cool head 22cc domes vforce 4 reeds 34mm keihin carbs billet intake fmf pipes and silencers oversized radiators
  3. I asked ghe guy before me and he said is a high compression cool head
  4. It has a high compression cool head on it. Im ok with running race gas, I just want to know if I dont have another option, can i run 91? And the engine isnt completely broken in yet
  5. Do u have any reccomendations for brands and ccs?
  6. What size would be best. The engine only has 2 hours on full rebuild
  7. 1998 banshee.32:1,hot rods crank, rods and tranny, Hinson clutch, weisco pistons, cool heads,21cc domes, dnt fattys,power core 2 silencers,v force 4 reeds. Stock bore. I'm be riding from anywere to 600 to around 1000 ft above sea level. Compression is at 182
  8. im looking into getting a banshee. i weigh right around 290 and i was wondering how the suspension will do
  9. so, i am having trouble deciding if i should trade this banshee for my quad. and im wondering if this trade is worth it. the banshee is a 2005 and is modified. 421 bore, wiseco high compression pistons, 4mm stroker hot rod crank, barnett clutch, outlander throttle body, kunick 35mm carbs, vforce 4 reeds, cool heads,toomy t5 full exhaust, 7mm spark plug wires, +4 assassin swing arm, oversized aluminum radiator, radiator guards, and nerf bars. and thats all i know about it. the quad i will be trading it for is a 2014 can am ds450 xmx, aftermarkets on it is the led bar, moto works exhaust, front bumper, fox floats x evols, other than that it is stock. is the trade worth it???
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