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  1. I got ya, so small bores for mine for sure. Any idea what pipe has more of the mid to top pull? The CPI or Shearers
  2. yea thanks for your reply man. I have been searching on here for an hr trying to find info between small bore and big bore but haven't found alot of useful info. I even read a thread where a guy said the bike would hardly run with big bores on a stock jug engine even if the jugs were bored
  3. Hey guys I would like to buy some better pipes for my banshee. I really only ride it for straight drags and will most likely take it to the dunes once a year. It's a 4mil stroker with stock jugs with .040 over and drag ported and 20cc heads and running a set of pwk 35s. i currently have the PT high revs and I do like them if and when I take it down on the trails but would like something better on the top end. I hear alot of talk about CPI and shearers but what's with the small and big bore pipes? Does one size work better with certain mods than the other?
  4. I would check your compression. if it's not a fuel problem and the spark looks ok then compression may be low
  5. I have always used boss bearings in my quads. They seem to stand up as good as stock.
  6. the rods say 158 on them. They are the 115mm rods. Let me know if ya want a picture and PM me your number so I can send one to you.
  7. Just so you all know you will need to run a spacer plate under the jugs or have your head machined to use this crank.
  8. selling this good used hotrods +4mm stroker crankshaft. It has the 115mm long rods. All bearings are good and tight and smooth and the crank is welded like most stroker cranks are. I just did a complete tear down on my banshee to replace crank seals and figured I would replace the crank while it was apart. I had ordered a new crank already before I had got mine torn down "mistake" just to find this crank is still in perfect condition. Nothing wrong with it at all. Will do $300 shipped to the USA only. As heavy as it is it would be terrible expensive to ship to Canada I'm sure. any questions just let me know or PM me and I can give you my phone number if ya want to call me.
  9. By the way what size is my engine? .040 over bore with the 4mil stroker
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