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  1. Thats an easy statement to make when the upper body might need replaced as well as the shaft. You can find yourself paying the same amount of money for a repair as you would a new one. Been down that road.
  2. No need to be nervous until you get them. keep us posted
  3. Just because it has the same eye to eye measurement doesnt mean anything. You need to measure the actual exposed shaft to ensure that you have the same travel length.
  4. Be nice. He was the first mate on the Santa Maria. America wouldnt exist without his navigational skills.
  5. Camp Lejeune... i still have a house in that shithole. Lejeune motorsports is not the place to take it. Honestly none of those places in jacksonville are worth a shit. Not even mouses cycle. Pm me and i will chat with you about some options.
  6. Go to hjr facebook page and you will see 1 video and a photo of it.
  7. The 392 isnt a slouch. Yes it has less tq but its defiantly a fun dune motor. I have both, ss and 421.
  8. Are these the ones in his video on facebook? Posted last week if i recall correctly.
  9. Call wcr and let me know if he answers. Every number he ever had is dead. Maybe call him on the prison phone.
  10. Read up on squish velocity for fuel types and trapped compression.
  11. Either im blind or it isnt on the fiche. Can anyone tell me the part number for the bushing that goes in the lower portion of the stem. Its the part that goes on before the washer and nut. My 2001 has one but my 2000 doesnt and you can pull the stem up a good 1/4 of an inch if you snatch it. Does anyone have one laying around?
  12. So the 4 ^'s must refer to someone before me. Mine reads "fuck da police"
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